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A thrilling new legacy: Simons and Chad Fike team up for the Stampede

17 June 2017

A fourth-generation competitor, Chad comes from a strong legacy of winning chuckwagoneers. Some of his earliest memories are of watching his grandfather, Ron David, race. “It gets in your blood, I always wanted to be a part of it,” says Chad. “My brother Jordie and I used to pretend on pedal bikes.” With his first race under his belt at age 17, Chad has since upgraded his bike to a team of 25 thoroughbreds that he races all summer long, taking coveted titles (and championship belt buckles) across the country. 

“Our suit and tie is Wranglers, a cowboy hat, and shirt,” says Chad. “It’s practical, too: cowboy boots have a heel on them so your foot doesn’t get hung up in the stirrup. And as an outrider you need tight-fitting jeans that don’t hang down too low for when you swing up on the horse.” But he laughs and adds, “Cowboys wear anything - you’ll see ‘em in beach shorts and flip-flops, whatever they like.” 

In the meantime, Chad and Simons will carry on the chuckwagon tradition at the 2017 edition of the Stampede. Chad’s not sure who’s more excited about Simons sponsoring his tarp—him or his wife, but he’s thrilled to be blending his own proud family legacy with Simons.