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A Stunning Table Setting

9 Nov 2018

Are you familiar with the expression “eating with your eyes?” Whether it’s a hearty meal or a more formal fête, taking your seat around a table that’s beautifully set and divinely decorated can definitely influence your dining experience. There are many ways to set a table, but there are some golden rules that are essential to follow so that your arrangement is absolutely flawless!

Let's start where we should, by choosing the tablecloth. Beyond its looks, it's important to make sure that it fits your table's dimensions so that it doesn't end up too long or too short. Generally, it's best to account for an 8 to 10-inch drop on each side in your measurements. Also, make sure to remove all the wrinkles for an impeccable look. 

In the middle of the table, a simple centrepiece of flowers and candles helps create a warm and inviting atmosphere. A little tip: avoid tall decorations that can obstruct your guests' view. A low centrepiece will be just as elegant and will encourage conversation among your guests. 

The first rule to follow: the forks are placed to the left of the plate while the knives (blades turned inwards) and the spoons are placed to the right. The second rule: the utensils must be arranged according to the order of their use, from the outside in. And what about the cheese knives and dessert utensils? These are placed horizontally above the plate or are just brought to the table when they are needed!

Finally, we turn our attention to the table napkin. You haven’t quite mastered the art of origami? No worries! There are tons of other options to choose from: folding it in a rectangle and placing it under the forks, folding it into a napkin ring, sliding it in between the main and decorative plate… It’s time to get creative!

How do you end your dinner in style? With a delicious dessert! And no need to slave away in front of the stove for hours in order to make something sweet that will stand out.
Our stylists fell in love with this decadent dessert from Josée di Stasio's book, Le Carnet Rouge, which they topped with amaretto-macerated cranberries.
It's a tasty treat that'll be ready in just a few minutes! 


-Chocolate, coffee, or vanilla ice cream (or any other flavour)
-Very hot espresso coffee
-Cognac, amaretto or rum (optional)

-Ground coffee grains
-Grated chocolate
-Cocoa powder

1. Place a scoop of your ice cream in a mug or heat-resistant glass.
2. Pour in the hot coffee. If you'd like, add a drop of alcohol and decorate it with your choice of topping.
3. Slowly sip this delicious hot-cold drink. 

Because kids love to have their very own table that's decorated just for them!

Lively patterns, bright colours, and sweet surprises will certainly help make dinnertime magical. Opt for laminated place mats or an easy-care vinyl tablecloth and you're all set!