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A collection that breathes joie de vivre

8 Mar 2017

The founders are the Nasri family from Montreal, a family whose unity and synergy is their strength. Their story started 50 years ago, when their father, Paul Nasri, came to Canada and created Nasri International, a company that designs, imports, and distributes clothing for the entire family. The four children, Nathalie, Ranya, Elie, and Jasmine, grew up with the dream of making their own brand that, like themselves, was positive and inspirational. 


"To make people daydream, what better than a swimwear and loungewear brand that immediately gets you in the mood for fun, comfort, and relaxation?" said Ranya Nasri.
In order to describe this vibe, "Sunday," a word that instantly calms, was decided on. The turtle, a symbol of longevity and serenity, was the perfect logo to accompany the name. For this creature, every day is Sunday!

The Spark of Inspiration

We're inspired by all the beauty around us. It can come from culture, the arts, the countries we visit, or the colour of someone's eyes... Beauty is everywhere!

Ranya Nasri

Their inspiration also comes from a feeling, an inner spark. It’s not unusual that the three sisters and their brother arrive at the same idea without speaking to one another about it. It’s no doubt their family intuition! 

Always Pushing Further

The strong values they inherited from their parents guide them every day. Surrounded by their team, they work with rigour, integrity, and positivity. 

One value that reigns supreme is the pursuit of progress. They never rest on their laurels and are constantly striving to improve.

This is what made collaborating with Simons so appealing. Simons was a company that reminded them a lot of themselves: Innovative, enterprising, always looking ahead... and a family!

Like Simons, with whom their father had a longtime association, they like to work with local people and promote their partners. "We live in a very large country, but not necessarily one of the largest markets in the world. It's important to encourage one another," explains Elie Nasri. 

Where’s their favourite place in Canada?
The beautiful Gaspésie gets a special mention, but their beloved home city wins the prize. “Montreal isn't just my favourite place in Canada, it's my favourite place in the world!" declared Elie, and all his sisters agreed.