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5 Hiking Destinations Where You Can Wear the Trekking Trend

24 Sep 2019

Vests with snap links, bucket hats, and pants and shorts with XXL cargo pockets—styles from the great outdoors have officially become a staple in our wardrobes this year. The camping look has come and gone, and for fall, being an urban hiker is what it’s all about. 

It’s not just the unique style of fashion outerwear that’s in demand, but also its practicality and functionality. Today, we want rugged nylon, ultraresistant raincoats, trail sneakers, all-terrain hiking boots, and even high-powered thermal fleece jackets… in the city and on the mountain!

Hiking is a hybrid trend that’s having an influence on the fashion world, as well as our lifestyles. The activity itself has experienced a rapid increase in popularity similar to that of yoga over the the past few seasons.  What if, behind this passion for the great outdoors, hides a desire to reconnect with nature? After all, for the majority of people living in cities, day-to-day life takes place in front of a screen, on the road to downtown, in traffic, or inside a gym. As an instinctive sport, hiking meets our generation’s strong desire for the great outdoors and letting our senses roam free. It encourages the eyes and the mind to always look a bit further.

If you’re ready to lace-up your boots and zip-up your fleece jacket, we’ve outlined 5 Canadian destinations you can hike this fall in order to put your new gear to the test.  

The trails of Mont-Sainte-Anne, Quebec

Get ready to see spectacular views! From September 21 until mid-October, it’s the Great Colour Adventure at Mont-Sainte-Anne and the perfect time to get out in the great outdoors. About 35 minutes from downtown Quebec City, this mountain loved by winter skiers is also exceptional for hiking. With tons of trails spanning from 1 to 8 km long and with difficulty levels ranging from easy to very difficult, everyone can find a favorite! The stunning landscapes on the Saint Lawrence River and the l’île d’Orléans have made Mont-Sainte-Anne a very popular site in this region.

    Distance: 42 km
    Difficulty: From easy to very difficult

    Suggested look: Fall shades from head to toe 

The Sommet trail, Parc National d'Oka, Oka

Located a few kilometres from Montreal, this natural site that's rich in history is an ideal hiking destination for city dwellers! To discover and appreciate this natural jewel, five hiking trails covering almost 30 km have been created in the park. If you're a seasoned hiker, the Sommet trail is for you. On the Calvaire d'Oka trail, you'll reach the summit in a couple of hours on a pathway that's not the easiest, but believe us, the impressive views you'll get of the Lac des Deux-Montagnes will definitely make it worth the effort.

     Distance: 6.7 km
     Difficulty: Difficult
     Suggested piece: An oversized sweater with a retro jacquard pattern

The Fundy trail, Fundy National Park, New Brunswick

The Bay of Fundy is one of the most beautiful attractions in New Brunswick. While hiking on the Fundy trail, you can see natural wonders like the highest tides in the world, the Flower Pot Rocks, colonies of Atlantic puffins, and Old Sow, the largest whirlpool in the western hemisphere. Because Fundy National Park straddles two climate zones, the weather differs considerably between the southern part of the park and the bay area. Make sure you're well equipped!

     Distance: 41 km
     Difficulty: Moderate

     Suggested piece: A parka that's good for urban outings and the great outdoors

With its lakes, rocks, and maple trees, this vast natural park in the province of Ontario is perfect for familiarizing yourself with Canada’s natural treasures. No less than 14 trails (some easy and some steep) will allow you to do just that! A five-hour drive from Montreal, the most daring hikers can set up camp or opt for an on-site accommodation in order to complete a two-day hike. Whatever you do, don’t forget your camera. 

     Distance : 45 km 
     Difficulty: Easy to moderate 

     Suggested pieces: A sherpa outfit with touches of neon 


Iceline Trail, Yoho National Park, British Columbia

It’s not just the upward slope that’s a constant on this trail, but also the beauty of the landscape! A hike on the Iceline Trail is like travelling to another world made up of rocks, ice, impressive waterfalls, and turquoise lakes. Depending on your fitness and the weather, you can decide which option is best for you: a round trip, completing the entire circuit with a night in a hut, or for die-hard hikers, extending the route further to Mount Pollinger for even more stunning views. Remember to take your tuque!

     Distance: 21 km (and 33 km up to Mount Pollinger)
     Difficulty: Difficult

     Suggested piece: A puffer coat with strategic insulation


Whether you’re a hiker or not, there are no excuses for not testing out the trekking look. Touches of jacquard, lumberjack-inspired checks, hip hiking boots—outdoor hiking trends make for today’s most versatile pieces, which we absolutely love!

What about you? Do you prefer hiking in the city or the mountains?