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Embodying Style: MARIPIER x blush finds the perfect fit with Simons

17 Nov 2017

With her MARIPIER x blush lingerie collection launching this month at Simons, and Face au Mur – a new game show series based on LeBron James’ The Wall coming this winter, bewitching, mercurial and utterly charming Quebec TV It Girl Maripier Morin is sitting pretty at the top of her game, naturally. 

It’s hard not to be captivated by the vivacity and devil-may-care candor
of Montreal-based TV host and Hockey Wives’ star Maripier Morin,

whose new lingerie line with Blush – “everything for every girl” – is poised to redefine sexy for women across the country. MARIPIER x blush hits all the right notes, from criss-cross sports bras with a feminine twist and a sleek beige everyday bra (one of Maripier’s personal favourites) to a bodysuit that fits a night on the town as seamlessly as it sits under an outfit (thank you, g-string). The uncomplicated ethos of the 31-year-old’s hit YouTube-style channel, Pardon My French, shines through in the natural, easygoing style of each piece.

“I’d always dreamed about owning a bralette that you don’t need an A cup to fit,” Maripier says. “One that’s wearable, but sexy and stylish. I love being comfortable in my clothes and undergarments, so that was really important for me, but even more – I want the women wearing MARIPIER x blush to feel confident, strong and beautiful.”

For Maripier, the new line fills a personal need
as well as a creative goal. “Poor Brandon,” she laughs,
referring to her hunky pro-hockey-player husband, Brandon Prust. “He’s had to live with the same beige bra for years. I love lingerie, but I’ve always been intimidated by it as I don’t have easy boobs – I love them, but they do whatever they want.” She credits her husband’s support and their mutual respect for helping her continue to grow. “We believe in each other more than anything, but we also respect each other’s feelings towards our careers.”

Maripier originally approached Blush when she was planning her bridesmaids’ attire — she  was so impressed by their creativity and attention to detail that the idea for a collaboration sprang to life.
In Blush’s team of experts, she found a perfect fit. “They’re insanely talented, and they listen to you,” she says. “They asked for input on every little thing, even the hardware and the stitching.
It was a true collaboration.”

As someone who embodies commitment in every project, Maripier embraced the rigour. “Some people just put their names on a product. For me, it’s the opposite. The creative process is what excites me the most, from day one to when we launch in store.” 

Maripier revealed her inner determination long before her starry TV and design career.
After a spinal cord injury ended her Olympic-sized skating dreams, she not only had to learn
to walk again, she had to deal with losing her identity.

“When you’re 18, you’re still defining who you are as a person and you’re still battling with a lot of self issues, physically and mentally.” While she sees her skating days as a gift that taught her a lot, she says her new path helped her fulfill a very different childhood dream. “When I was a little girl, we used to drive to Quebec City and go straight to Simons. It was my very first retail experience  – my fashion sense really got ignited by Simons.” In true storybook fashion, MARIPIER x blush is launching at the Canadian retailer.

“I’m just so lucky to have crossed amazing people’s paths, and to have had so many amazing experiences that have touched different things in my career,” she says. But arguably luck has had less to do with her good fortune than her own openness and headstrong determination to make the most of every opportunity that comes her way.

“I want to be grateful for everything that happens now because if it stops tomorrow, I’m going to be so happy about what I did so far. In terms of what’s next, only god knows.” God, and Maripier, who can’t conceal her excitement over a top-secret project she has in the works for La Fondation des Etoiles, a nonprofit she started in support of children’s disease research. “You’re going to freak out when you hear,” she promises. Considering what this inspiring woman has already accomplished, we can’t wait.


Can you sum up Maripier x blush in one sentence?
Unguarded in a simple, beautiful way.

What’s your favourite Maripier x Blush piece,
and how would you style it?
The bodysuit — I would wear it with a pair of jeans, an oversized jacket and a nice pair of boots. It’s sexy, but feminine.

Sexy is…
A white T-shirt and jeans.

What is your signature style?
The TV MP is very well put-together.
She’s structured with fine lines, very feminine. The real MP is more grunge– T-shirt, leather jacket; a lot edgier.

Any regrets about Hockey Wives?
Not at all. We did it in the most honest way possible. Sometimes we hurt the people around us by being so brutally honest because we did it 100 percent faithfully, so there was no difference between who we are in real life.

Who is your go-to designer?
I’m not very into designers just because I don’t think I can afford them yet. I really like affordable fashion, to dress things up as expensive clothes, to give them a second life. To me, that’s more exciting than wearing a Dolce and Gabbana dress.

You’re closest to your…
Mom. I could never live without my mom, because every decision
I make I need her advice. 

You take after your…
Dad. He is completely driven by his emotions. Our hearts lead every single decision we make.
My dad and I have two left sides of the brain, my mom has the right side.

What is your biggest challenge?
Finding balance.

Where does your name come from? 
In Quebec, 80 per cent of girls’ names start with Marie. My mom’s name is Marie-Claude, and she hated the dash and how it was so long. My mom wanted to name me Jasmine, but my dad wanted to name me Marie-Pierre. She told him, “If you want to name her that, it will be one name and no dash.” My mom always wins, but my dad had always wanted a girl so badly – so she let him win.