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Creating with passion makes you stronger.

Meet Mérida Anderson, the founder and creator of YYY, a collection of unique ceramic pieces handcrafted in Montreal. Focusing on ceramic arts while having a background in fashion, they've developed a keen interest in the fluidity of ceramics and sculpture.


Mérida's story began when they started taking studio classes in New York City. Their passion for ceramics and pottery came from their grandparents, as they both used to be potters. Mérida then moved to Montreal to embark on their journey with YYY. They began with ceramic jewelry, but after realizing that it was time to get out of their comfort zone, Mérida ventured into making tangible objects and home goods. From vases to cups and mugs, YYY's collection ranges in its shapes and forms. Taking inspiration from wild colours sets their pieces apart and allows them to speak for themselves. They want to bring out different personalities in designs that complement the objects and add a unique touch to any space. 


Using nothing but their hands, Mérida creates pieces without molds. The subtle abstract and unique qualities of the pieces work beautifully in any space.

Their mission is to make a statement that doesn’t necessarily have to be worn like clothing, but instead decorates a home setting.