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Colour is one of the very essences of expression through art.

Meet Xenia Taler, artist and maker of her beautiful lifestyle and home goods. Her signature colours and aesthetics is what makes her pieces fun and accessible for anyone and any home. With her love of quality and craftsmanship, Xenia delivers beautiful pieces that are produced locally in her Toronto based studio or sourced globally with eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

Having studied in film prior to design, Xenia is an artist all around. Still longing for her independence, she wanted more than just film production. After meeting in university, her husband, Steven, became her partner, and they eventually started Xenia Taler together. Xenia’s mother-in-law was a manager in a tile store which led her to picking up commission pieces for backsplashes. This allowed her to enter a new world of design and ceramics, painting on clay. Craft show after craft show, her success progressed from there.

Starting in the mid 90’s, Xenia is now considered a pioneer in her industry, continuously developing new pieces until this day.

Over the years, both Xenia and Steven complement each other fairly well, as Xenia is the creative one and Steven is the crafty one.Growing ever since, she now produces anything from bamboo tableware to coasters and prints. Using biodegradable materials that are sourced without fertilizers or pesticides, Xenia's mission is to produce pieces of quality that will offer longevity and beauty in any indoor or outdoor space.

And while focusing in on production, she wants to showcase the importance of being an indie designer and company. “As a handmade producer working with very small quantities to supply the market, it’s not always easy. Outsourcing some of the production might not be the most exciting, but I always try to be true to who we are and offer something interesting.” Xenia is always open to expanding ideas, not having one inspiration in mind. She emphasizes the importance that her products are accessible to anyone, allowing them to enjoy it every day.

With living in an exciting part of the city filled with different people and cultures, she gears towards originality and illustrating that through her designs of organic shapes and colours.