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Woodlot | Natural essential oils, candles, soaps

Skin care is not a chore but an experience.

Meet Sonia and Fouad, the founders of Woodlot. They began the company 4 years ago in their kitchen. Sonia being of Indian decent and Fouad being of Lebanese decent, they wanted to perpetuate their respective traditions through products that can be used daily.

Their first creation was a candle, followed by a soap collection. Coming from an Indian family, Sonia had grown up surrounded by candles. Used in a religious context, candlelight is a symbol of life. At her home, whenever there was an important event like her brother's hockey game or an exam, they would light a candle.

Woodlot | Fouad Farraj and Sonia Chhinji Woodlot | Fouad Farraj and Sonia Chhinji

Woodlot believes that candles can bring people together. That's why they were the very first product they developed! 

Today, Woodlot perpetuates tradition while also modernizing their products. Fouad recalls a summer he spent in Lebanon visiting olive groves with his grandfather. Once he was back in Vancouver, he wanted to make soaps inspired by his country's traditions, but adapted to the North American culture. Woodlot's soaps are therefore made with olive oil, but also with coconut and soy oil. They make a point of always using pure essentials oils and natural ingredients.

Woodlot | Natural essential oils, candles, soaps   Woodlot | Bougies, savons

Recently, they launched their new beauty collection. To do so, they decided to work with a fair trade farm in Ecuador that specializes in producing Palo Santo trees. Refraining from cutting the branches of the trees, they extract the oil only from branches that are found on the ground. This practice allows them to stand out as a company.

With a passion for rituals and a desire to perpetuate traditions, Woodlot creates products that reflect the past while envisioning the future.