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The heart stays young no matter how old the body.

With a playful blend of creativity and ecological ethics, Velvet Moustache delivers magical and imaginative creatures turned into cushions, plush toys and accessories. Founded in 2007, the youthfulness of Majorie's company is still alive.

Before creating her company, Majorie would always admire her father as he was a jeweler. Taking inspiration from him, she decided to embark on her own creative journey in handcrafted design that would offer an excitement to anyone at any age. Her first creation was her owl pillow, which now comes in over seven different designs. She wanted to embrace the beauty of the animal kingdom in a unique way.

Offering a variety of fun and quirky plushies, her collections stand out through their original designs and high quality-control. 

By using eco-friendly materials, this also makes her stand apart from other designers. She uses recovered fabrics, old buttons and even recycled sweaters. Majorie offers quality and playfulness in all her original pieces, respecting her fabrication process which is all manufactured in Montreal. Continuously embracing her core values, she also contributes to the rise of the “slow couture” movement. This advocates a creative, cultural shift that encompasses “quality over quantity,” making sure every creation is delivered with care.

“I named the company Velvet Moustache simply because I use velvet in some of my creations and wanted to make it flow by using a funny word right after. Moustache just worked.” Offering playfulness and comfort, Velvet Moustache invites positive energy into everyday life, bringing the inner child out in everyone.

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*Please note that the products of this creator are only available in Canada.