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Veille sur toi  |  Nightlights for toddlers Veille sur toi  |  Nightlights for toddlers

Turn your profession into passion.

Meet Karine Foisy, a former primary school teacher who is an artisan and a mother of three. She discovered her love of glasswork in 2010 and developed a passion which transformed her hobby into a business. Launching first through Etsy in 2013, Karine started selling her handcrafted glass nightlights for children. Little did she know her hobby would soon turn into a craze, which is when Veille sur toi was born. 

Veille sur toi | Karine Foisy Veille sur toi | Karine Foisy

Karine took a glass fusion class before starting her company. This allowed her to enter into a world of craftsmanship that was easy enough to do in the comfort of her own home. At the same time, she was a primary school teacher. Having worked with kids, creating glass nightlights was an ideal project. Karine ended up deciding to quit her teaching job, become a full-time mom, and dedicate her time to Veille sur toi. She liked the idea of creating imaginary figures and bringing fictional characters to life.

“I wanted to create something beautiful. Having a comforting object casting light onto a baby while they sleep is so precious to me.” Developing the project further, she chose to display her pieces at art shows to gain visibility. 

Ferguson the cat nightlight and stuffed animal set Ferguson the cat nightlight and stuffed animal set

The beauty of comforting a child with a nightlight is something Karine takes seriously. It's not just a nightlight, but a friend. With over 40,000 nightlights created in the span of five years, each one is precious and has a unique trait. All of them are named and have a story. Veille sur toi now also has their own felt creations and stuffed animals, all handmade in their studio based in Laval. The importance of craftsmanship is key for Karine, as there is so much love and care being put into each well-thought-out piece. 

She values local growth and creating employment within the company, too! Veille sur toi is a reassuring, soft and beautiful universe that kids can find comfort in.

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*Please note that the products of this creator are only available in Canada.