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Us & Coutumes - furniture Us & Coutumes - furniture

Just like people, furniture can evolve, too.

Meet Jean and Vincent, the founders of Us & Coutumes, a design company that handcrafts furniture accessible for everyone. Jean began his design career designing on his own. He's the technical expert and manager for the brand, while Vincent is the industrial designer and is also responsible for communications. Before embarking on this collaborative project with Jean, Vincent was working in retail furniture and design which allowed him to grow later on in the company. Founding their company in 2013, the duo complement each other fairly well. The provide each other with new ideas while trying to keep costs low, producing pieces made of high-quality eco-sourced materials such as birch and Baltic plywood.

Us & Coutumes | Jean Darveau and Vincent Cloutier Us & Coutumes | Jean Darveau and Vincent Cloutier

Us & Coutumes wanted to take a step further in the design world and make home furnishings more accessible.

They wanted to find a way to handcraft pieces that were easy to use and easy to install, while still being stylish throughout the home. When they began, their goal was to leave the door open and be as open-minded as possible to new ideas. “We want our pieces to be fluid, so there's a variety for everyone, to harmonize with any space, and to be accessible, to say the least.” In collaborative efforts, Jean's years of experience as a technical production manager has complemented Vincent's youthful outlook on design, curating new materials, and inspiration.

Us & Coutumes | The B3 bench Us & Coutumes | The B3 bench

Their approach to fabrication stays minimal but remains at a luxurious level of design. Their bestseller, the B3 bench, is what illustrates their “accessible for everyone, everywhere, but lasts a lifetime” mindset.

Through their constant effort to produce furniture that stays simple in design yet is a statement piece in a home, Us & Coutumes revives the idea that luxury can be accessible and easy for all.