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Uppdoo - hand-crafted bags and accessories UPPDOO - hand-crafted bags and accessories

Inspired worldwide, diversified for everyone.

Ricky Shi, founder and designer of UPPDOO, creates handcrafted bags and accessories with the finest leather and eco-sourced materials. Ricky began creating handbags in 2012 after graduating OCAD University, studying industrial design for over five years. Before starting his own business, he worked with three design companies to gain experience and knowledge on this new world of fashion and business.

Ricky Shi, founder and designer of UPPDOO. Ricky Shi, founder and designer of UPPDOO.

Being a hands-on person, Ricky always dreamt of creating wearable objects. Combining old, traditional handcrafting methods with fashion was his goal and he manifested it into what his company is today. “What's better than a handbag? It's a reflection of someone's personality, defining who you are. It's the perfect thing for me to go into design and put my talents and creativity into them, making them unique.” Through workshops and travelling back and forth to Shanghai for two years, he worked with a very famous leather crafting master to help him solidify his craft.

Travelling was really key for Ricky. It allowed him to meet new people and get inspired for his concept for the company. Also taking inspiration through cultural diversity, fashion, interior design and art, his pieces reflect who he is as a person and how he illustrates the world around him.

UPPDOO - luxury leather bags and accessories UPPDOO - luxury leather bags and accessories

Handcrafted and produced in his Toronto studio, all UPPDOO's leather goods are packaged in-house to ensure quality, love and care with every piece. Ricky prides himself in using exceptional fabric to produce his pieces, like fine leather, canvas and hardware, importing Italian Napa leather with Brazilian distressed leather. His personality is reflected in each bag, bringing livelihood and happiness with the colour and energy with the bags. “We find beauty within function. The quality has to be durable and last long. With my background being in industrial design, the lines and details in my handbags are structural, defined and clean. I try not to follow the current trend”. 

Elegance and timelessness are what UPPDOO bring to their clients, allowing them to embrace a unique buying experience when walking into Ricky's shop.