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Fabrique 1840 - Tealish Fabrique 1840 - Tealish

Take care of yourself with Tealish.

A proud Canadian company, Tealish knows how to spot a trend. We're not talking about an ephemeral craze, but instead, an essential that we can all enjoy. After being established in 2005, Tealish became the first modern tea company in the country (preceding David’s Tea and others), and slowly grew to be a part of our everyday.

“We’re so excited to present tea to the world in a fun and modern way,” explains Laura Chodola, co-founder of Tealish. This means approaching tea differently than we may be used to. They provide personalized, well-thought-out, and delicious products that have personality and come packaged in high-end designs. A good cup of tea has never been so enjoyable to drink.

Tealish - Fine Teas Tealish - Fine Teas

At Tealish time, you are in for a real treat that will make you feel great, while also catering to your specific tastes and wants. You can take your pick from a wide array of aromatic and benefit-driven products in order to suit your mood. “We’re focusing on caring for yourself through hydration and wellness,” explains Laura. These tasty beverages are finely blended with basic ingredients to create a delicious cocktail that's designed to spoil you in a healthy way. Taking time for yourself has never been so easy and accessible at any moment throughout your day.

Tealish got its start when Laura and her husband Michael, then a young couple, became interested in the ritual of tea. “It was born out of our interest for food, drink, wellness, and trends,” explains the entrepreneur. On a quest to discover new cultures, the pair hopped over to a tea shop, which immediately sparked their passion for the age-old brew. Determined to enjoy it to the fullest and get the very best, they started tasting the flavours and characteristics of different regions with the help of their teapot in order to better understand what distinguishes each type of tea.

“We were always drinking tea growing up when we weren’t feeling well, but I don’t know if any of us really knew what tea had to offer,” explains Laura. Neither did the rest of us, and now we just can’t get enough of it!

Tealish - Loose Leaf Fine Teas Tealish - Loose Leaf Fine Teas

By the time it's poured into your cup, the tea has already had quite a journey. Tealish is based in Toronto, but their green tea hails from China and Japan, their black tea is from India, China, and Sri Lanka, and their rooibos comes from South Africa. Their perfected recipes are created in-house with select ingredients that may also have come from around the world. Their lavender is grown France, while their sweet berries are sourced locally.

A modern take on the tradition of tea seemed to be exactly what people needed when Tealish came along. Having given itself the mission to take care of people, popularity is not something Tealish takes for granted.

“We didn’t expect tea to get so massively popular like it has in the past 10 to 15 years,” says Laura. “It’s been amazing to be part of this original movement.” 


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*Please note that the products of this creator are only available in Canada.