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ILOT | In-home gardens ILOT | In-home gardens

Outdoors doesn’t have to be outside.

When graphic design just wasn't enough, Jessika decided to put a creative spin on her passion and turn it into a world of industrial design. Embracing her career change, she founded îlot, a company that furnishes interior spaces with unique islands of greenery, while using eco-responsible products and materials.

Ilot culture | Jardins interieurs | Jessika Brunner-Gnass Ilot culture | Jardins interieurs | Jessika Brunner-Gnass

Îlot’s mission is to bring life to your home. The beautifully handcrafted shelves allow you to grow a variety of green goods, vegetables and even flowers through a simplified hydroponic system. To maintain them, custom low-energy LED lights have been specifically designed in order to grow edible plants. Jessika works with materials sourced out of Quebec. She uses quality wood and works with a great ceramist to develop the containers for the hydroponic system. The system allows you to grow plants in a water-based solution without using soil. The company’s innovative ideas allow them to differentiate themselves locally and in their industry. 

Jessika has great respect for the planet and nature. “I want to simplify the culture at home. It should feel nothing but alive.” The word ‘îlot’ is a French word for "island," a unique land feature that's isolated from the larger part of nature. Her first product, Hirta, was their first "island" of inspiration. The name comes from a small, green island located on the western edge of Scotland.

Ilot culture HIRTA Ilot culture HIRTA

Instilling her values into her company, îlot is also made up of a team of eco-responsible designers, engineers and nutritionists. Having a team of people she relates to makes her creative process easier and allows her to come up with innovative ideas. Currently, Jessika is working on developing a system that allows you to grow your own mushrooms and algae.

With pesticide and GMO-free green vegetables, fresh food with zero food mileage, and the ability to grow exotic greens, Studio îlot lets you to bring nature into your own home.

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*Please note that the products of this creator are only available in Canada.