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Province Apothecary - Organic Skincare et Facials Province Apothecary - Organic Skincare et Facials

“Skin care should never be a task, but an experience to heal.”

With a passion of wanting to develop skin care products that are not only good for your skin but filled with the most natural ingredients, Julie, founder of Province Apothecary, wanted to create a skin care line accessible to anyone, for everyone. Feeding your body with good ingredients is important, but nourishing your skin is, too. Province Apothecary offers natural skin care remedies that heal from the inside out, allowing their customers to experience nothing but the most natural regimen.

Julie Clark - Founder - Province Apothecary Julie Clark - Fondatrice - Province Apothecary

Julie grew up with allergies and a harsh eczema condition that weighed on her. As she began to study the skin and ways to help her heal, her goal was to find natural remedies and whole ingredients. Her interest in discovering them led her to studying aromatherapy, holistic health, herbal medicine and aesthetics in Toronto. Soon after, Province Apothecary was founded.

As Julie remains passionate and committed to creating the cleanest yet effective skin care products, her desire to innovate the skin care world, product by product, ingredient by ingredient, is never ending. From face products to body products, Province Apothecary delivers a skin care line that benefits everyone with the most healing ingredients and energy, all formulated together.

Active Plant Ingredients - Organic Canadian Skincare Active Plant Ingredients - Organic Canadian Skincare

Over 19 specific ingredients are sourced around Canada, from organic broccoli from British Columbia to organic black spruce from Quebec, a practice that gave the name to the company.

From face and body products to botanical perfumes, all of Julie's creations and ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced and fair-trade. Not to mention, vegan and cruelty-free. Julie made sure to create her products with the most careful and gentle ingredients in mind for normal to the most sensitive of skin types. Her products target any age and any skin type, which is inclusive and attractive to a whole market of consumers.

Province Apothecary - Rejuvenating and hydrating serum Province Apothecary - Rejuvenating and hydrating serum

As if a skin care line wasn't enough, Julie had her heart set on creating a skin care clinic that welcomes all skin types. “The skin care clinic is such a special aspect to me. With amazing results given to each client, my heart lies on the 1 on 1 experience everyone gets. I'm obsessed with seeing people take care of their skin 365 days a year. It's never too late to heal it.” Made by aestheticians, Province Apothecary carries a skin care line of a quality you can trust.

Skin care should never be a bore but an experience, and Province Apothecary delivers just that.