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PAR ICI Jewelry PAR ICI Jewelry

There's always room to make vintage new again.

Bonding over their love of vintage jewellery early on as roommates, both Eve and Alynne formed an obsession over its timelessness. Their love for everything vintage turned into a passion for jewellery making, which led them to create PAR ICI Jewellery.

PAR ICI Jewelry -  Eve et Alynne PAR ICI Jewelry -  Eve and Alynne

Both Eve and Alynne have outgoing personalities that shine through their creations. From a young age, they've had an ongoing desire to create a brand that would cater to any personality or gender. Their mission was to create wearable pieces that empowered and built up the confidence of every person. PAR ICI stands as a unique unisex line of jewellery meant to be worn by anyone, man or woman. “We both bring so much strength to bold costume jewellery, and that's how we want to make others feel. Bold and beautiful.” 

They wanted to work with vintage pieces to bring them to life again. There's something so intriguing about a rare find and its transformation into something special, which is what PAR ICI does best.

Par ici jewellery - 8-Square Necklace Par ici jewellery - 8-Square Necklace

As modern as their pieces can look, they still keep the same vintage roots in the jewellery that they've been creating since the time that they were students. They were collecting and selling vintage jewellery from Toronto to LA, sparking the interest of other collectors and buyers, which gained them success in their business venture. Eve and Alynne also emphasize the fact that their creations are all handcrafted in their Toronto studio with high-quality materials and unique designs. Their goal is to recreate traditional costume jewellery and turn it into something fun, something timeless that can be worn and then passed on. This isn't surprising as both creators are infinitely inspired by the '60s, '70s and '80s, investing in a world of vintage dreams.

PAR ICI Jewelry - Cage necklace PAR ICI Jewelry - Cage necklace

PAR ICI is for the girl who just broke up with her fiancé and wants to replace her diamond ring with something a little bolder to make her feel stronger, or for the man who wants to lock his love down with a chain.

 Elements of freedom, power and love flow freely within their pieces, perfectly illustrating the brand's vision of individuality and originality.