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ORA-C jewelry ORA-C jewelry

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Meet Caroline Pham, the designer and creator of ORA-C Jewelry. Inspired by all things colour and culture, she designs pieces that are unique emblems of art. 

Having studied and lived in New York for over 10 years, Caroline graduated from Parsons School of Design with a diploma in illustration and industrial design. While there, she would also work hand in hand with different artists on projects for graphic film, art and fashion. It was an incredible learning experience for her, but she wanted more. After working for so many people, Caroline yearned to create something of her own. Her skills in graphic design, model building, prop styling, art directing and film curating have enabled her to explore another world of art. She moved back to her hometown in Montreal in 2013, and in 2015, ORA-C was born. 

ORA-C - Caroline Pham ORA-C - Caroline Pham

Caroline's inspiration comes from many places across the globe. From 14 to 18 years old, she was living in Hong Kong with her parents. Living there allowed her to explore and gain admiration for a new people and culture. Culture is now one of the biggest inspirations for her designs and pieces, shining through in the colours and patterns she chooses for her jewellery. Her creations are delicate, unique, and eye-catching when worn.

"My ready-to-wear sculptural pieces are like mini paintings, enlivened by the person who wears them. I like to see my work evolve organically. It is an attempt to marry elegance with old craft, brilliant colors with simplicity, and the exotic with my vision of modernity.”

Her passion and fascination for old foreign films, the fine arts, and for using eclectic materials is carried out effortlessly in her designs.

ORA-C - CLEO brass cast earrings ORA-C - CLEO brass cast earrings

All handcrafted in her studio in Montreal, Caroline delivers quality pieces using handwoven ropes sourced from Montreal, colourful beading, multi-layered fringe, and sculpted metals from all around.

In its effortless pursuit to make wearable works of art, ORA-C's jewellery embodies uniqueness and individuality.