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Objective - home goods from linen Objective - home goods from linen

Minimalism is a form of luxury.

Founded by Mariana Robledo, Objective was created with the goal of reinventing practical home goods by using natural fabrics that can be used daily. With a minimalistic approach to design inspired by natural textiles and Japanese aesthetics, Mariana creates home goods from linen tablecloths, towels and tortilla warmers.

Mariana Robledo, founder of Objective. Mariana Robledo, founder of Objective.

With a bachelor's degree in advertising and marketing as well as a technical degree in dressmaking and alterations, Mariana's vast knowledge of craftsmanship techniques didn't only stem from one place. She somehow always felt connected to handmade goods, which inspired her to take lots of leather, sewing and technical courses. After doing so, she began to develop her passion in artisanal design by using natural and eco-sourced materials. Being around the kitchen all her life is the reason she chose to create pieces specifically for that space in every home. 

Objective - Linen apron Objective - Linen apron

With Objective, she emphasizes the importance of using high-quality materials, such as 100% European linen complimented by neat and durable sewing finishes. “My pieces are practical and focus on high quality while keeping a minimal design approach.”

Objective - linen napkin Objective - linen napkin

Mariana is endlessly inspired by soft colours, ancient dyeing techniques, and handcrafted objects. There's just something about eating around the table for any occasion that allows her to play with her creativity in order to create her pieces. Her mission is to have them mix with all home objects that are used, whether they be for a fancy event or a simple dinner. 

Mariana feels happiest when she takes the time to develop her handcrafted products with love and care in her studio in Montreal.