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O'lou handmakes unisex children's pieces O'lou handmakes unisex children's pieces

Life has no gender.

Openly celebrating youth, O’lou makes handmade unisex children’s clothing that suits everyone. Founder Charlotte’s mission is simple: to make children’s clothing that focuses on freedom and comfort. Since 2016, O’lou has allowed kids to live their formative years without any restrictions.

O'lou - unisex children's pieces O'lou - unisex children's pieces

Originally from France, Charlotte studied communications while supporting herself by working as a manager in different restaurants. Craving a change, she decided to move her life to British Columbia, Canada. She settled there and a few years later, she was expecting her first child. She didn’t find out her baby’s gender until the birth, which forced the new mother to be creative as she started searching for gender-neutral clothing and accessories. This made her realized how limited the options were. “There was nothing I liked. Most pieces were strictly for girls or for boys. There wasn’t much in-between.” This realization prompted Charlotte to make her own clothing line. She enjoyed sewing during and after her pregnancy because it was relaxing and eased her mind, so she decided to turn it into a profit.

Charlotte and her husband moved to Montreal and the business became family-run. Now, her husband plays a huge part in O’lou. Guided by the desire to always push the envelope and challenge the way we view children's clothing, Charlotte is leaving her mark on this generation by creating pieces that give children the possibility to live and express themselves freely.

O'lou O'lou

She finds inspiration for her collection in many places. Nature is a common theme in Charlotte's designs, which she finds communicates a feeling of freedom and comfort. She also collaborates with different artists in order to design specific elements of the pieces.

And now, Charlotte is happy to announce that O’lou uses organic, natural fibres and recycled materials, an initiative that's in line with the growing demand for eco-responsible materials.