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Nos Cabanes - maple syrup from Quebec Nos Cabanes - maple syrup from Quebec

“Tasting the maple syrup felt like a first kiss.”

Celebrating different origins and histories within Quebec, Nos Cabanes brings a unique variety of savoury flavours to traditional maple syrup. After over 25 years of working in marketing in the corporate world, founder Claudie Brassard set her heart on becoming a solo business owner. She founded Nos Cabanes in 2016 and has been savouring every moment since.

Nos Cabanes - maple  Quebec Nos Cabanes - maple syrup from Quebec Nos Cabanes - maple syrup from Quebec

When first entering the world of entrepreneurship, Claudie worked hand in hand with her friend in an artisanal bakery, L'Amour du Pain, and eventually became a partner. This experience inspired Claudie to introduce the world to her love for maple syrup through Nos Cabanes. 

“Dipping bread into maple syrup is delightful. I wanted to create a product that was made with pride and sourced from different regions of Quebec. It's like oil in Spain, Portugal or Italy. I wanted to illustrate Quebec's love for something so delicious that it brings people together.” 

Nos Cabanes - maple syrup from Quebec Nos Cabanes - maple syrup from Quebec

The more Claudie began to research and discover new flavours, the more she realized that no syrup tastes the same. Her mission became to create unique and flavourful products that would please everyone's different tastes.

Nos Cabanes offers natural flavours and is 100% vegan. Each syrup has its own character and different taste. Take the Rue Ménard Fulford syrup, for example.

Nos cabanes Nos cabanes

This syrup is sourced from a fourth-generation maple grove on the mountainside near Bromont, Quebec. Tasting it brings back memories of the company's first visit to the sugar shack. From the Township of Bury to the Appalachian hills, sweet and rich flavours emerge from the syrups. Complimenting each one is its striking packaging that stands out for its simple, yet playful design and that won the Grafika prize for packaging in 2018.

With over 8 different maple syrups in her collection, Claudie is passionate about delivering a unique flavour and experience with every bite.

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*Please note that the products of this creator are only available in Canada.