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Miljours - eco-friendly handbags and accessories Miljours - eco-friendly handbags and accessories

Taking it slow.

Exploration in sustainable fashion was her mission, and Marie-Anne did just that.
Founded in 2014, Marie-Anne of Miljours had the desire to create utilitarian and
sustainable leather goods for everyday life. She creates handcrafted accessories from bags to jewelry in the most meticulous way possible. Using vegetable tanned leather, Marie-Anne wanted to create products of quality.

Marie-Anne Miljours Marie-Anne Miljours

After graduating school in fashion design, she worked in Montreal and New York as a production director in the fashion industry. Working with different materials in her career, Marie-Anne became more and more intrigued with leather and that's when she founded Miljours in her hometown, Montreal. Her main goal was to create pieces accessible for everyone and anyone. 

 “As a female entrepreneur in this generation, I believe I have a responsibility to create beautifully handcrafted pieces for whoever wants to wear them. For the man going home from work on his bike, to the woman going out on a fancy date, I want my pieces to be able to accompany everyone differently.”

Marie-Anne Miljours Marie-Anne Miljours

Tired of the environmental issues and unethical values being used in fashion, Marie-Anne decided to take part in the slow fashion movement. It's a movement that value time and work and which enables artist to create at their own pace. She also felt eco-responsible to provide her consumers with good quality leather that's treated with more care and love, free of any chemical products.

With every piece being handcrafted in Montreal, a lot of time and effort goes into the production and execution. A bag can easily take six months to create, from the brainstorm ideas to the final product. “I love working with dimensions. I love making clothing on the side, but creating a bag gives me a thrill that a 2D object can't. You get the feel of the product without even having to try it on. Every bag has its own personality. Its own movement”.

Miljours - Mathy shoulder bag Miljours - Mathy shoulder bag

“I create my pieces with a sense of timelessness, like the names behind my bags”. Each bag is named after family names from different places around the world. I named my company Miljours after my last name because it will last a lifetime. I think it's important to focus on why you're creating something rather than just the result.” 

Miljours - Lykke belt bag Miljours - Lykke belt bag

The process of creation is something Marie-Anne cherishes closely. She loves to listen, receive feedback and constructive criticism. This helps her to create pieces and develop new ideas moving forward.

As a woman, artist and young entrepreneur in this generation, Marie-Anne’s mission is to continue creating beautiful accessories to connect with whoever wants to wear them, man or woman.