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Louve Montréal, an independent jewelry company. Louve Montréal, an independent jewelry company.

Because two is always better than one.

Meet Virginie Turcot-Lamarre, the founder and creator of Louve, an independent jewellery company based in Montreal. All inspired by the essence of leather and wood, Virginie's beautiful pieces combine recycled materials and eclectic colours with a modern twist..

Louve Montréal - Virginie Turcot-Lamarre Louve Montréal - Virginie Turcot-Lamarre

Starting off with the intent to create jewellery for herself, Virginie turned this passion into a business and founded Louve in 2014. She couldn't seem to find jewellery that incorporated a hybrid of materials in an original way, which is how her company stands out. She combines wood and leather together, experimenting and designing pieces that make a statement while still being accessible to everyone. 

Virginie's simple yet graphic vision allows her to work with minimal designs and sharp cuts. Each finish is different, using a variety of textures and colours.

Louve Montréal - jewelry Louve Montréal - jewelry

Without compromising on the quality, each piece's materials are recovered and reused, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and raw materials. Virginie imbues passion into every piece and respects the process it takes to make them. The wood is recovered and sourced from trees species in Quebec's forests. The pieces can look either unrefined or sleek, which keeps a balance in her aesthetic. 

Her pieces are made to complete an outfit, enhancing the richness of the jewels and allowing them to take their rightful place.