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Cooking Vegetables Differently, with Lökkö.

Because vinaigrette isn’t just for salad! For Odile Gagnon and Pierre-Marc Doucet, it’s a way of tasting the local region at every opportunity, whether that be something simple or more extravagant. Lökkö makes us want to take a second helping of vegetables!

In The Beginning, There Were... Local Ingredients

“Neither one of us was planning on going into food processing,” says Pierre-Marc. He had earned his bachelor’s degree in urban planning, and Odile was working as a salesperson for a food merchant at the farmers market in Quebec City’s Old Port. At home, Odile made delicious vinaigrettes using local ingredients. This is where their idea started to grow...

At first, we wanted to make our vinaigrettes based on the seasons, but that was complicated. We came back to the idea of highlighting the region and its local flavours. In any case, a salad is delicious in any season! In summer, there are raspberries, and in fall, there’s comforting squash and roasted garlic...” Pierre-Marc speaks passionately about the local ingredients that he puts into his products, and it makes our mouths water!

Lokko Lokko

Vinaigrettes For Absolutely Everything!

Lökkö (which sounds like the French word for “local”) produces vinaigrettes that are both tasty and versatile. They'll quickly become your go-to for vegetables and much more! Just mix them with homemade mayonnaise to make a tasty veggie dip, or use them as marinades for meat, tofu, and grilled fish. “Pairing salmon with our cedar vinaigrette is delicious, especially on the barbecue!” You don't even need to use cooking oil, since you can use the vinaigrette as a finishing oil in the pan to bring out the flavours.

The company's Labrador tea vinaigrette will enhance meats and fish en papillote, as well as add some oomph to bean salads. Their squash dressing will work miracles on boring Monday night chicken, while their kombu seaweed vinaigrette will add a scrumptious salty flavour to Asian stir-fries. “Our dressings lend themselves to any dish, whether it's a simple everyday meal or something for a special occasion, like a homemade tartare. Now's the time to plan a party and enjoy local products with those you love.”

We give you Odile's favourite recipe, her salmon tartare à la Lökkö!

Lokko Lokko

Feeding The Local Economy

Lökkö’s philosophy? To provide local products as much as possible using short food supply chains, and to partner with local farms in order to build strong partnerships. Thus, they join other creators’ voice like Nos Cabanes. Their cedar and their Labrador tea are harvested from Lac-Saint-Jean, while their fruits and vegetables come from the Île d'Orléans and Côte-de-Beaupré. The kombu seaweed the company uses comes from the Gaspé Peninsula. “The local food movement is the very essence of our company. By promoting proximity and consuming local throughout the year, we’re protecting the environment and allowing the region’s local artisans to really shine.” All this in addition to exceptional eats!


Salmon tartare with Lökkö’s cedar vinaigrette

500 g fillet of Canadian salmon or a sustainable fish, diced
2 tablespoons of diced garden cucumber
2 tablespoons of chives or chopped green onion
1 tablespoon of Lökkö’s cedar vinaigrette
1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice
Salt and ground pepper, to taste

In a mixing bowl that’s been placed in a larger bowl full of ice and water, combine all the ingredients. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve immediately accompanied by croutons and a green or mixed salad.