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Inspired by nature, empowered by its riches.

Creating an optimal experience with a unique product, Kim Deland, the founder of Lithologie, extracts stones from different regions of Quebec and handcrafts them into beautiful whiskey cubes. Before starting her own company, she studied in marketing. Kim comes from a family of entrepreneurs, which inevitably prompted her to one day start her own business. She founded Lithologie in November 2017.

Lithologie was never a planned project. Kim would walk around different regions of Quebec and unexpectedly stumble across a variety of rocks. Doing so, she began to notice how beautiful and finely detailed they were. An idea hit her, and she asked herself, “What if I could do something amazing with these? Something unique and different?”

Kim ended up collecting all the rocks and stones that she thought were the most original and sent them to a geologist. Two weeks later, she received a report back about what she could do with her stones from someone who was incredibly interested in helping Kim pursue her new project: whiskey cubes. Stephane is now the co-founder of Lithologie, and has played an important role since the beginning. 

“We want to make our product stand out.”

 Passionate about the territories that helped inspire the company’s creation, Kim carefully sources her stones from Chibougamau and Trois-Rivières, not only because these areas are environmentally responsible in their sourcing, but also because of the meticulous detailing and unique traits of the stones found here. “There’s so much history behind each one.” Take the Gabbro stones, for example. They’re 2.5 billion years old and sourced from the Chibougamau area.

Kim makes sure she sources her materials from areas that aren’t touched by other corporations or companies. Besides their unique look, they also have other innovative traits. They take 30 minutes to freeze, will chill up to 11 minutes and don’t absorb alcohol. Kim also puts effort into product development and design, enhancing the customer experience by packaging the stones in a luxurious, wooden case.


With its eco-friendly products, Lithologie allows you to savour your beverage and have a taste of nature, too.