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Groom - men's grooming Groom - men's grooming

Grooming is becoming an at-home luxury,
and we're here for it.

Meet Julien, cofounder of Les Industries Groom. They offer a line of men's grooming products that's carefully created using nothing but natural ingredients to deliver high-quality products.

While growing out his beard, Julien slowly started to notice the importance of maintaining it. He and his friends began ordering grooming products online from small companies, testing out a number of them. After adding many products to their collection, they began to notice that there wasn't much variety. The companies were using harmful ingredients and had no branding within their designs. Julien and his friends were unsatisfied with the quality they were receiving. With no background in aesthetics or business marketing, Les Industries Groom was born out of their desire to elevate the grooming industry, one product at a time. 

Julien Blanchard, co-founder Groom Julien Blanchard, co-founder Groom

It began with a moustache wax, then a beard oil, and then many more products followed. They began to research high-quality ingredients as they wanted to be sure to develop products in the most natural way possible. All their products are formulated without parabens, artificial fragrances, colouring agents and petroleum derivatives. “I want the branding to speak as well as the ingredients do. It's hard to be groundbreaking in such a big industry, but we focus on the fine details in order to deliver our best.  Our ingredients and branding have allowed us to stand out.” This commitment is part of Les Industries Groom's core values, along with being handmade. All of their products are made by hand in their Montreal workshop, ensuring quality control in each jar. 

Les Industries Groom - Men's Care Products Les Industries Groom - Men's Care Products

Groom's mission is to elevate the beauty industry by breaking down the typical notion that grooming products are aimed towards “alpha-males” or “guys with tattoos.” They bring elegance to the industry with their minimalistic and genuine design approach that targets everyone.

“We often hear words like 'entrepreneur' when creating a business, but my dream wasn't ever to do this. It was a beautiful accident. We want to make a difference in the world by using sustainable business practices.” Julien pursues his passion without any doubts: “Growing a moustache has to be done with caution. It has truly changed my life.”