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A Crop of Images.

Here’s a series of fun food-themed illustrations and stationery supplies that bring agri-food topics to the fore in a gorgeous way. At Laucolo, educating through images is 100% natural.

Working under the alias Laucolo since 2014, Laurence Deschamps-Léger is an illustrator who started out studying international development. She quickly realized that the agri-food sector is laden with challenges and that it provides endless opportunities to learn. 

Going from Global to Local

Laucolo began working at Luca Farms, where she learned a lot about entrepreneurship and Quebec's food system, as well as overlooked information, like which fruits and vegetables are available in Quebec at different times of the year. This spurred her desire to draw as a different way of sparking conversation about these important topics, and her new vocation took root.

Illustrating for Awareness

Drawing on her experience, Laucolo's food-themed style charms the eye and is evocative of antique botanical illustrations, but uses Laucolo's fresh and resolutely modern graphic signature. Passionate about food and gardening just as other creators like îlot culture and La société des plantes, Laurence uses watercolours, ink, and digital tools to capture the simple splendour of fruits, vegetables, fine herbs, and flowers from "la belle province." Her illustrations have decorated books, magazines, and informational charts. She has also created a range of beautiful paper products, including posters, cards, booklets, and calendars, as well as little practical items that are botanical-themed, like refrigerator magnets.

Feeding the Discussion

Beyond being decor, Laucolo's images inspire viewers to learn more, to go out and garden, and to cook. Her creations naturally have an aesthetic role, but that's not all: “They're small doors that open onto bigger subjects,” explains Laurence. She enjoys breaking down concepts to better understand them and using images to elucidate the sources of our food. She enjoys sparking conversations about subjects that are important to her, like seasonality and food sovereignty. Everything is good in its season as the saying goes, and that definitely comes through in her illustrations. Food sovereignty, a founding concept of Laucolo, is people's right to be responsible for their food and to establish food policies based on their own social and cultural characteristics.

Being Rooted in Local Reality

Laurence stresses the importance of understanding the agricultural cycle, diversity, and where food comes from in order to make informed decisions about our food systems. With the same goal of raising awareness about agri-food issues, Laurence cofounded On Sème with Sara Maranda-Gauvin. On Sème is a non-profit organization that celebrates the different seasons and local producers by hosting events like the Marché de Mai [May Market] and Jour de la Tomate [Tomato Day].

Constantly striving to harvest concepts and sow ideas so that they can germinate in our consciousness, Laucolo's plans on exploring the pepper family next and adding it to her cornucopia. Consume them as much as you'd like for your daily dose of knowledge and beauty.