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Lambert & Fils I Lighting Lambert & Fils I Lighting

Ignite the light.

Lambert & Fils is a collaborative lighting design studio, founded in Montreal by Samuel Lambert in 2010. Drawing inspiration from different aspects in art and design, their fixtures are unique and speak for themselves.

 Lambert & Fils |  Lighting design studio  Lambert & Fils |  Lighting design studio

Samuel began his career in the field of visual arts and film editing. After his son was born, he chose to change career paths in order to work in design and craftsmanship. His own father being a potter, Samuel wanted to pursue the family tradition. This is where the company name comes from, Lambert being the family name and “fils” meaning “son” in French. He soon opened a shop on Beaubien street in Montreal. His success grew over the course of a few years and the company changed from being a solo business to having a diversified and free-spirited team of young and talented designers.

 Lambert & Fils |  Lighting design studio Lambert & Fils |  Lighting design studio

Lambert & Fils create lighting fixtures like you've never seen before.

Take the Laurent Collection, for example. “The Laurent Collection distills the milk globe to its essential relationship between circle and sphere. A series of thin forms compliment the Laurent globes—forms that carve through space, moving between line, surface, and volume. These forms combine in endless patterns, making it possible for an installation of Laurent lamps to inhabit any space with subtlety and quiet strength.” Inspired by everything from architecture to historical moments, they approach their designs in a poetic way.

Laurent Collection by Lambert & Fils Laurent Collection by Lambert & Fils

With everything being designed, manufactured and assembled in their Montreal studio space, they deliver quality and are committed to producing innovative, fresh pieces for many different spaces and places.

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*Please note that the products of this creator are only available in Canada.