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La societe des plantes La societe des plantes

Green Poets Society.

How do you sow the seeds of lush and local love? Let yourself get swept up in the cultural wind that blows in Kamouraska in order to find rustic and sometimes obscure varieties of plants for your gardening needs.

La Société Des Plantes is a small farming company that sells seeds produced mainly on its land located in Kamouraska, in the Lower St. Lawrence region. Its founder/owner is Patrice Fortier, a seed artist whose collection should appeal to those interested in the beauty of plants, ethnobotany, living heritage, gastronomy, and "slow food."

La Societe Des Plantes - Patrice Fortier La Societe Des Plantes - Patrice Fortier

Nature, An Intelligent Artist

What makes La Société and its living beings (both human and plant) different? “Maybe the fact that they are the vehicles for continuing an artistic process,” explains its producer/creator. "Since I mostly grew in the art world before taking the plunge to work the land, this project is an extension of my artistic practice. As of now, it's the raw material that unites these two seemingly distinct disciplines." Indeed, poetry beats at the heart of this company. “We don’t consider plants to be inert products here. Instead, they are intelligent beings with whom we share our lives.” It's with this notion at heart that the poet introduces us to his creatures and invites us to talk with them in the garden.


What About the Space and the Resources?

Creators like Îlot Culture show that it's possible to garden without having a green thumb or tons of space. La Société Des Plantes offers  nearly 300 types of seeds that are adapted to different locations... and skill levels! Some are meant for adventurous gardeners, others for beginners. “We have a great affinity for plants that are able to maintain their own re-growth once planted, be they either perennials, strictly speaking, or annuals with a strong tendency to reseed themselves,” says Patrice. Gardeners step in to control populations and avoid excessive spreading by harvesting the spontaneous seedings in order to eat them, creating a kind of a pleasant nature/farming balance. So there's not a lot of weeding… mostly harvesting!

La Societe Des Plantes La Societe Des Plantes

I Want To Try: How Do I Start My Garden?

La Société des Plantes describes itself as a sort of dating agency for seeds and gardeners. What does it suggest to budding gardeners in order to have a beautiful and long-lasting relationship? “Besides going to farmers’ seed fairs where we meet gardeners directly and can more easily suggest varieties that will fit their wants, pictures also help a lot,” says Patrice. "On the seed packets, we write descriptions that are more qualitative in order to more clearly evoke a plant’s ‘personality’ and spark the desire to meet it or not. We have to give in to our impulses to meet plants and then analyze the growing conditions to see if what we have to offer will work for them or not (...). We usually suggest those that require the least effort, which seems to please a growing number people. This suits our busy lifestyles and our general ecological awareness.”

Patrice adds that seed packets are pretty small, so not much text fits on their surface. However, the technical instruction are on there.  For the rest, you just need to listen to your heart and roll up your sleeves. You reap what you sow: absinthe, skirret, salsify, love-in-a-mist, and lion's tail... There are tons or varieties to discover! Time to see where gardening takes you.

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*Please note that the products of this creator are only available in Canada.