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Fabrique 1840 - La Fabrique Deco Fabrique 1840 - La Fabrique Deco

Wood and light.

La Fabrique Déco uses their wooden creations to reinterpret our relationship with light in our homes. “We produce simple objects that will warm up a room,” explains founder Julie Morrissette. These useful and decorative objects brighten our spaces with their sleek and timeless styles. “We like organic shapes and curves,” Julie points out.

La Fabrique Deco - handmade wooden pieces La Fabrique Deco - handmade wooden pieces

Their modest-sized lighting products have tons of qualities that make them an attractive option. Since they are small decorative objects, it's easy to integrate them into a home’s design and make them accessible to all. “They are great to give away as gifts, or to gift to yourself,” Julie says. “You can move them from one space to another since they work in any room. They're really versatile objects that can be appreciated by lots of people,” she explains. La Fabrique Déco opts for designs that pair aesthetics with durability. “This is really important when we’re developing our products,” she tells us.

“We want people to keep these objects. We don’t follow trends; we want to create things that will age well. We don’t want people to get rid of them in 
5 years because they’re not trendy anymore.”

La Fabrique Deco - wooden candle holders La Fabrique Deco - wooden candle holders

La Fabrique Déco got its start in 2015, when Julie began the creating, curating, and selling artisanal objects online with Jean-Philippe Bombardier, her creative and life partner. “We had been making objects together for our home and friends always asked us where we had found them,” she explains. The answer was always that these unique pieces had either been found online or that the couple had made them themselves. At the time, Julie and Jean-Philippe were having a difficult time finding objects they liked on the market. Both being pretty handy, they started to create their own decor. “I’ve always been around artisans,” Julie says. “Becoming one is like an extension of a passion and one of my very first interests.” Their appreciation for handmade objects is what made the couple create their first light fixture for their own personal use with the help of Samuel Lambert of Lambert et Fils, a company that was also just starting out.
“His story and growth inspired us,” Julie tells us.

La Fabrique Deco La Fabrique Deco

In terms of inspiration, Julie and Jean-Philippe look to Scandinavian style as well as vintage objects. “We get a lot of inspiration from objects that have a story,” Julie explains. Always on the hunt for new ideas, she frequently goes to flea markets and garage sales, and also searches online for concepts to rework. Julie visualizes and designs the products before passing the torch on to Jean-Philippe, a self-taught joiner, who works at the couple's workshop in Sherbrooke.

La Fabrique Deco likes using local woods that have character, like maple, oak, ash, and walnut, sculpting them to have gentle, sweeping curves.