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Robinson - handcrafts leather goods La Compagnie Robinson - handcrafts leather goods

Someone’s story always has the ability to make history.

Moving away from Montreal in 2016, Patrice discovered a sense of freedom and independence which led him to create La Compagnie Robinson. It all began when one of his favourite eyewear cases broke. Frustrated by having spent so much money on it for it not to last long, he decided to make is own. La Compagnie Robinson creates with the desire to make good, timeless and quality accessories inspired by nature and adventure.

Patrice Didier, founder of Robinson Patrice Didier, fondateur de la Compagnie Robinson

“Living in Montreal, there was something missing and moving helped me explore my ideas so much more. The outdoors is where I find so much inspiration. Seeing my grandfather do manual work made me want to do it just as much. Without him, the company wouldn’t be where it is today.” In fact, his grandfather is his deepest inspiration in creating La Compagnie Robinson, taking his last name into consideration when creating the company name. 

Robinson - leather valet tray La Compagnie Robinson - le vide-poches

Keeping family history in mind, Patrice wanted to create a collection of leather goods that can maintain their quality and be passed down to loved ones later on in life. From wallets, belts, key rings and more, all of its product are made with leather from a tannery in the USA which has provided some of the highest quality vegetable-tanned leather since 1867.

He aspires to continue growing the company with his family values in mind and hopes that it can eventually encourage employment growth in his region. He also holds true to the independence that he needs to maintain his creativity.

La Compagnie Robinson’s products are made to last, like Patrice’s timeless love for his grandfather.