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Kroft - streamline furniture, accessories Kroft - streamline furniture, accessories

In an orderly fashion.

The streamlined and impeccably made furniture, accessories, and objects from Kroft attest to the beauty of things done well. Centering on honest design, minimalist form meets utilitarian
function in the thoughtful craftsmanship of these solid wood creations.

“We are a design-focused manufacturer of furniture and objects with a heavy emphasis on super functional items,”  says Dustin Kroft, the brand’s founder. For the company, it is important that people get joy and regular use out of their products. As a matter of fact, Kroft design may even prompt you to get your things in order. “There is definitely a pattern or a theme of storage, tidiness, and organization that's worked into a lot of our products,” Dustin explains. “There is something about order and function that is definitely at the forefront of innovation. The function is always paramount in terms of driving new products we’re developing.”

Dustin Kroft Dustin Kroft

Visually, the pieces stand out for their meticulousness and streamlined elegance, with a strong attention to detail that values convenience and eliminates unnecessary decorative elements.

Kroft - streamline furniture, accessories and objects Kroft - streamline furniture, accessories and objects

Kroft is now in its third year of existence, a journey that unfolded after a shift in Dustin’s career when he left a company he had previously founded. After an 11-year stint running a business, the young entrepreneur felt as if his creativity and strength had plateaued. To remedy to the situation, he enrolled in a woodworking class, during which he found his calling. “It became obvious to me that it was the perfect outlet for my creativity and for me to express myself,” Dustin explains. “I came to this industry with no background, no experience,” he recalls. “There have been a lot of growing pains. It’s been a wonderful learning experience and it’s been really exciting knowing on our journey that we were going to make furniture.” Looking at the result, one can clearly see the hard work and undeniable talent of the 3-person team based in Concord, near Toronto.

Kroft Kroft

Architecture and design of the past and present are inspirations for Dustin. Ideas come to him while he's out and about—in and out of office, at the shop, and while looking at everyday objects in the real world. “I prefer to just come across something and then be challenged to come up with a way to make it really functional, make it well, and make it last a long time,” the designer explains. For durability, Kroft locally sources its base materials such as oak, walnut, ash and maple.

 By bringing a newfound joy, Kroft’s artisanal and thought-out approach to design is transforming how we interact with the pieces that furnish our daily lives and space.