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Kayé Notebooks Kayé Notebooks

The best companion for your small and big passions.

Meet Vanessa, founder of Kayé Notebooks. Vanessa started Kayé while working at Lowell where she was a marketing coordinator. Lowell sold small thematic notebooks, but one day, the couple who were making them decided to go on a travel and stopped their production. Finding no one as a replacement, she decided to start her own company, printing all her products with FSC certified paper. Being FSC certified is a great benefit to the environment and that the paper used in her creations come from forest and supply chain that is managed responsibly.

Kayé Notebooks I Vanessa Girard Kayé Notebooks I Vanessa Girard

To this day, Vanessa continues to prioritize her love for stationary. She keeps tradition by using notebooks and agendas rather than using electronic devices. She likes notebooks with ready-made templates that make it easy to organize her ideas, which is now her trademark. 

To this day she has 7 themes, allowing people to embrace their passion by keeping memories of them.

Since starting small, her personal project is slowly gaining momentum. "I think people like Kayé because each theme reflects a passion, and people recognize it." In addition, initially she was tempted to make notebooks with high-end paper but changed directions quickly. "I remembered why I was doing this, and I want people to be able to drag their notebook wherever they go." They are made to travel and stain coffee. "I have a friend who is a bartender and he keeps his notebook in the drawer of the bar, and he gets dirty, but that's why he uses it. It’s an experience."

Kayé Notebooks I products with FSC certified paper Kayé Notebooks I products with FSC certified paper

"Many people write to me to suggest themes, while everyone has passions they want to remember." For example, the notebook "plant" was made to help her friend who couldn’t remember how to take care of her plants. Thus, Vanessa’s notebooks are to carry the passions and the interests of our daily habits.