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In life, there should always be balance. Some days, you feel like a motel, and some days, you feel like a hotel.

Meet HOTELMOTEL, a Montreal based company that focuses on high quality and high-end unisex sneakers and accessories. Founded in 2017 by friends Niki and Corinne, HOTELMOTEL was created to be a company that acquires good quality materials and a new take on the fashion industry. By wanting to do so, they’ve built a paradox between the elite and the popular, hence the name of the brand.

With both Niki and Corinne having studied in shoemaking, their passion stems from fine craftsmanship and handmade goods. Using the finest of leather imported from Europe working in their Montreal studio, this powerhouse creates the coolest sneakers built for anyone at any time. “Our mission is to break the rules, be unconventional. The materials we receive end up being our biggest inspiration, from the colours to feel. Our studio is our biggest playground.”

By illustrating their story in such a unique way, both Niki and Corinne focus on revitalizing and renewing the world and knowledge of this largely forgotten craft industry that is shoemaking. With that comes a shock value from their clients. “Nowadays, we often forget that handmade goods are still being produced, and the time and effort put in to them is long and real.” Creating a shoe can take up to 72 hours to produce, from the first idea to the final product. Not only do they make sneakers, but accessories such as mini duffle bags, backpacks, wallets and more. It’s never easy doing something demanding alone, which is why Niki and Corinne have mastered the craft of not only shoemaking but teamwork together.

Working in Montreal has allowed Nicki and Corinne to collaborate with local artists. They’ve taken advantage of the fact that this industry is so massed produced by creating a mission in response to consumerism. The benefits of working locally and creating handmade products add so much value to the purchase.

 From the feel to the detail, all pieces are made with love and dedication, transmitting that passion to each and every one of their clients.