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Honey Original Honey Original

A recipe from a beautiful mind.

Honey Original revives and enhances masculine charm. The path to a better you begins with an organic elixir that brings out the integrity of your beard.

Beauty is what beauty does, and for that reason, grooming starts at home. “I produce natural cosmetics,” says Dante D’Ignazio, the founder of Honey Original. Before launching the company in 2018, the young entrepreneur began a care routine that he wanted to share with the world. “I realized that using pure oils and other natural ingredients actually had great cosmetic benefits,” he explains. Parallelly, he studied entrepreneurship in college, fueling his interest in starting a business at a young age. “The time was right in my life,” he says. “When I felt I was able to start something, this company was at the forefront of my life.”

Honey Original - Dante D'Ignazio Honey Original - Dante D'Ignazio

Honey Original was brought to life in Brantford, Ontario, where Dante has a studio. “It’s my creative laboratory,” shares Dante. Creating products is by far his favourite part of the job.

Here’s how the entrepreneur goes about it: “This is where the ‘original’ aspect comes into play. All of my recipes are the result of a very in-depth experimentation process.”

Honey Original - oil and grooming balm Honey Original - oil and grooming balm

Over the course of the development, several potential products are made and tested among a select customer group who report back on the key components. Then comes the moment of truth for Dante. “I review the products and test them myself. Then I make adjustments and repeat the process over and over again until we have a recipe that is absolutely brilliant.” he explains. “I won’t release a product until I’m absolutely certain that the ingredients feel as though they were destined to be together.”

Honey original - beard oil and beard balm Honey original - beard oil and beard balm

Such a fine-tuned process takes months, if not years, before a product goes on the market. That's why Honey Original only offers a limited range of products called Honeywood, a men’s grooming line. These grooming essentials include a grooming oil made of grapeseeds and sweet almonds that nourishes skin and hair; a creamy, non-greasy balm that strengthens and softens beards; and a sandalwood comb that gives you a polished look. And that's not all: every product comes delivered in handmade packaging. “I love this artisanal practice,” Dante says. “Not only is it enjoyable to recieve, but it also helps form a deep connection with the company and the makers of these handcrafted goods.”

Honey Original also shares this deep connection with its customers, since due to popular demand, its selection of men’s grooming essentials will be expanding over the coming months.

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