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When nature and furniture come together in harmony…

Meet Mischa, the founder and creator of hollis+morris, who creates handmade furniture and lighting that offers a careful balance between modern and honest design and is transparent with its materials and sourcing.

Studying for a bachelors degree in marine biology, Mischa didn’t know much about design until he moved in with his roommate who was involved in the architecture scene in Halifax. This sparked his interest in design. After graduating, he and three friends purchased a boat from a crazy pirate that was built in 1976 in France. The steel boat had sailed around the world 12 times.

 “Basically, we spent a year and a half fixing the boat. I fell in love with the process of building and designing it. We then sailed it from Halifax to Guatemala. I almost enjoyed the process of making the boat almost as much as sailing it. It was a terrifying experience but so fulfilling. Everything must be functional on a boat, there are no extras. That state of mind dictated the design of one of my current collections.”

After this adventure, without any experience but with a sincere desire to learn, Mischa decided to produce tables his father needed for one of his projects by himself. That summer, he also applied to a woodworking program at Sheridan college.

He launched his company in 2014 at the Interior Design Show in Toronto. Mischa's objective is to create authentic and elegant furniture that's inspired by the Canadian landscape. He emphasizes the necessity of finding the right materials for each piece so he can celebrate the materials around us. In this way, he shows the versatility of local resources.

“Something I really love about the design process is that it is never really finished. Each piece seems to take on a life of its own by adding a new material or placing it in a new space. I think versatility is just as important as function.”

Mischa puts such thought put into each piece that the final result stands out for its authenticity, integrity and breathtaking beauty!