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Gibou - eco-friendly accessories Gibou accessories

Handcrafted by few, loved by many.

Meet Gibou, an eco-responsible company that offers a variety of hand-knitted hats and accessories. Sarah, founder and creator, wanted nothing more than to create pieces that she can wear herself, but that others can enjoy as well. Prior to starting the company in 2014, she would hand knit for her own pleasure. Her first piece was a pompom hat made of wildcat fur taken from an old fur coat she had found. Little did she know that her first creation would become her classic design for her current collections.

As her company continued to grow, she made it clear that her mission would be to create pieces of comfort and quality design using recycled and eco-responsible materials. Gibou prides itself in its ethically sourced products. “I want to give fur a second life.”

Sarah Beaudoin, founder of Gibou Sarah Beaudoin, founder of Gibou

She also decided to start integrating retirees in her company. She wanted to allow them to find new inspiration even after retirement.

Her passion for manual labour is prominent in her everyday life, so it was only natural to enable others to handcraft from the comfort of their own home. Denise loves contributing to the success of a growing business. “Knitting items for Gibou brings me the joy of working with wool, and as a retiree, brings me daily comfort.” Sarah says she wants to “give them a chance to still create without it being too demanding. There is never any pressure put on them, they create at their own pace and with love.” For Manon, knitting for Gibou is a pleasure because the company respects her rhythm. For others, it's to simply relax their eyes from watching television or to belong to a group of strong women. It's beautiful how Sarah has built a team of hard-working, independent women who all share the same passion.

Gibou - eco-friendly accessories made in Quebec Gibou - eco-friendly accessories made in Quebec

Gibou offers a variety of pieces, from hats to wool blankets and now even headbands. Sarah continuously introduces original pieces, allowing their creativity to speak for themselves. “I wanted to name the company something simple, but something that still fits me. My father used to call me 'Gibou' as a kid, so that's how the name came about.”

Offering originality and quality to each piece just like the company name, Gibou brings a certain joy and comfort to every season with a lot of love.