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Fumile | Hand-made hats Fumile Chapelier | Hand-made hats

Wear your heart on your hat.

Meet Alex and Mélodie, the partners behind Fumile. Passionate about hat making, they create original pieces with unique touches, like their trademark sewn scar.

Fumile | Alex Surprenant and Mélodie Lavergne Fumile | Alex Surprenant and Mélodie Lavergne

Growing up on a dairy farm in Quebec, Alex learned how to use his hands at a young age, and also discovered he was talented with his feet. His passion for soccer developed into a career. For four years, Alex was playing soccer at a professional level. Unfortunately, it was cut short due to an injury in 2012. Without any backup plan, he began to look for a new interest. After many trials and errors, Alex rediscovered his childhood passion, hat-making.

Fumile Chapelier hats Fumile Chapelier hats

Since September 2016, he’s been creating incredibly unique hats, all handcrafted in Montreal. When Mélodie joined Fumile in January 2018, she add her own creative touch to the company by way of her designs and free spirit. She was already the owner of a clothing and accessories company, Sass Creation. At Fumile, Mélodie specializes in baseball caps, fabric hats and berets. This marks the beginning of her story with her new-found passion for hat-making. Their “SCARS Collection” is one of their latest, featuring a subtle scar sewn into the hat lining.

Fumile wants to deconstruct the notion of making imperfections beautiful.

Fumile Chapelier Fumile Chapelier

Favouring the use of high-quality materials like fur felt, Fumile looks to strike the perfect balance between what's classic and high-end, between what's elegant and bold. Alex and Mélodie go forwards and backwards in time to find inspiration and create pieces that can be worn at all times. The goal is to design casual accessories that can be worn as well with streetwear as with a fancy outfit, and to deconstruct the preconceived notion that hats are a complicated accessory.

“We want to bring back the hat in a different way than you’d normally see it.”