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Emma Senft Emma Senft

Mindful consumerism is the future.

Meet Emma, the artist and designer behind Emma Senft. She creates contemporary furniture and objects with the idea of them being sustainably passed down to future generations, giving them a certain timelessness. 

Emma Senft Emma Senft

With a background in technical architecture and fine arts, Emma is well-rounded in her passions. Her appreciation for the arts has made her skilled in diverse practices, which enables her to create many things. After graduating, she attended trade school for cabinetmaking, inspired by woodwork and its rich history. Little did she know, she'd later end up designing furniture and small objects. 

Emma is endlessly inspired by geometry for her pieces, but also appreciates organic linework. This allows for open interpretation by the observer. She likes the fact that her work aesthetic feels contradictory and stands out.

Emma Senft Emma Senft

All pieces are handmade in her Montreal studio. Emma emphasizes the importance of high-quality standards when it comes to craftsmanship and fine details. She truly believes it adds great value to her work and to an artisan's lifestyle. She aims for her products to be passed down to future generations due to her use of quality and sustainable materials. Durability is an important quality for her ceations, and Emma won't settle for less. 

Her passion stands out not only in her work, but in real life, too. Emma Sent emphasizes the importance of mindful consumerism, focusing on creating products with sustainable materials and ethical practices.

She embraces objects as artistic symbols of something greater than art.