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There’s nothing sweeter than a Sunday morning.

Taking a bite out of the fruits of everyday life, Dimanche Matin, which translates to “Sunday Morning” in English, offers a line of fruity spreads, home goods, and body products. Its founder, Annie-Claude St-Jean, took inspiration for the company name from the bliss-filled moments of comfy, lazy, and peaceful Sunday mornings. Founded in 2012, Dimanche Matin knows how to spread happiness, not only onto food, but also to those who taste its delicious spreads.

Before bringing Dimanche Matin to life, becoming an entrepreneur was the last thing on Annie-Claude’s mind. Instead, she went to film school to pursue her passion for movies. The characters she saw brought to life on screen in films like Big Fish, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Catch Me If You Can taught her to dream. At the same time, her grandmother was giving her suggestions for making spectacular spreads with delicious ingredients, advice she would eventually use to start her own business. 

Living as a free spirit made Annie-Claude eager to create something of her own, something carefree like a Sunday morning.

Using eco-friendly practices tops Dimanche Matin’s list of core values. Sourcing fresh ingredients and using recyclable gift wrap is also key. In order to create products of the highest quality, she tries to get her supply locally. Her berries and pumpkins are grown in Lanaudière, while her apples are grown in Rougemont. 

She even gets her herbs from local Quebec companies as a way of keeping home close. Dimanche Matin currently has over 6 spreads and is growing through the introduction of home goods and body products. Annie-Claude makes all her candles by hand in Quebec from organic soy wax, which is clean and non-toxic.

Her vision for the company is to encourage people to indulge in life’s peaceful moments, enjoy slow and sweet mornings, and share great tasting food, not just on Sunday morning, but any day of the week.