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Diametris-leather band Diametris-leather band

You can either find time or make time.

Youri, the founder of Diametris, has elevated the accessory industry by designing quality, leather bands that fit any style of watch. In 2014, his partner, Sandra, joined the team to evolve the project with their collaborative effort.

Diametris - Youri Taillefer - Sandra Lemay Diametris - Youri Taillefer - Sandra Lemay

As a leather craftsman and professional artist in the Métiers d'art du Québec, Youri previously worked hand in hand with major leather craftsmen all over Tokyo for more than five years, a crucial experience that led him to where he is today. Due to it, he developed an overall sense of what it's like to get inspired by different people and different places. His goal with creating Diametris was to reinvent traditional watch bands and elevate them with elegance and sophistication. Using his expertise, he was able to research and source the best materials and designs to create pieces tht could be worn by anyone with anything. Sourcing some materials from France and Italy makes the quality of the bands and accessories deliverable at a fair price. While Youri makes the bands, Sandra brings elements of femininity and a fresh outlook on design to the table. 

Working hand in hand has enabled the company to grow in its unique approach to collaborative artistic effort.

Diametris-leather bands Diametris-leather bands

Practical, modern, and fashionable, the designs work with any outfit and personality. Diametris offers a new horizon for the watch industry with its sophisticated designs and offerings. From being crafted by hand to being packaged for delivery, the whole process takes place in their Montreal studio, proving the importance that Youri and Sandra place on quality control.

The bands and accessories are meant to be worn by anyone for any occasion, making a statement, one watch at a time.