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On the edge of imperfection…

Embracing the abstract nature within their pieces, Deux Lions Jewelry handcrafts ornamental earrings, rings, and necklaces inspired by everyday life. 

As Deux Lion's founder, Charlotte, would roam different shops around Montreal, she continuously noticed how most clothing styles excluded certain sizes and body types. “It truly opened my eyes and I thought to myself that jewellery is the one thing that isn’t discriminating to anyone.” Shortly after, she moved to New York and worked on the corporate end of the jewellery industry. She soon realized, however, that working in that world wasn’t stimulating enough for her, and that she wanted to have creative control.

Creating her own company was a natural step towards her goal and fell in line with her own value of supporting women entrepreneurs. 

After extensive research and with a passion to create a line of jewellery she could call her own, she started taking jewellery-making classes. “I wanted to create endless possibilities and designs that would be different from what we see on the daily.” Soon afterwards, she came back to Montreal and presented her pieces at a pop-up shop. The demand was instant.

3 months in a pop-up shop turned into a year, and Deux Lions grew when her brother Alexandre joined the company and created a men’s line. “I needed a break from my corporate experience. I saw what men wanted in their pieces: they wanted something classic and timeless. That resonated with me, so I decided to view the company as empowering both women and men to express themselves freely.”

“Low maintenance, high quality,” is Charlotte’s mindset when it comes to their collections. In her view, jewellery shouldn’t be complicated. It’s a different form of self-expression that everyone can embrace. And just like their vision, the designs are minimal too. “We’re city kids but we have a connection with nature all the time. You’ll see that in our shark tooth pieces and those featuring imperfect stems and branches.” Their work ethic is a very honest process, and they encourage us to consume less by investing in quality pieces that’ll last forever.

Blindly trusting each other, Charlotte and Alexandre continue to build Deux Lions as a family, empowering each other one piece of jewellery at a time.