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Child’s play is for any age.

Meet Geneviève and Christian, parents and founders of Des Enfantillages, a company with a fun, minimalistic and poetic approach to creating toys. They've found a way to make children's toys that are both durable and fun. They work collaboratively with grandparents who play an important role in the production by imparting the value of a timeless object that can be passed down forever.

In the beginning, the couple designed toys after having kids simply for fun. It was a way to pass the time and to stay creative. They entertained the thought that this could someday become a company. After taking the time to really thinking about creating it, they put their work out there and Des Enfantillages was born.

One by one, all products are made by hand in their Montreal studio. 

Geneviève and Christian’s goal was to create different toys and objects that would be appealing to any age, any eye and in any space. They wanted their products to stand out from the ordinary kid's toys. From the colours to the shapes, there’s an imaginative touch and an originality to them. “Children learn more when they're having fun.” The simple and colorful designs make kids want to use them more, and it also inspires parents to play with their kids, too.

All the company's creations are eco-friendly and FSC certified, which ensures the quality of the materials used and that they come from reliable ecological and sustainable sources. By being FSC certified, different forests will continue to thrive. This makes Des Enfantillages stand out from the crowd.

Durability, creativity and eternal youth are the values that inspire Geneviève and Christian in making their toys.

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*Please note that the products of this creator are only available in Canada.