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Couteaux Deva Couteaux Deva

Find delicacy in statement.

Meet Dave, craftsman, sharpener and founder of Couteaux Deva. Creating incredibly intricate and uniquely detailed knives, Dave continues to innovate the industry one blade at a time.

Couteaux Deva Couteaux Deva

Listening to rock music, exploring himself as a teenager, Dave felt isolated and wanted to pursue a passion to make him feel alive. He began to dive into the arts and never looked back. He always had an interest for knife, but only when at 17 he read about knife making in a magazine that he start believing  he can make a living out of it. Onwards, Dave became a self-taught bladesmith with an incredible passion for his work. He spent the last decade pursuing his dream in his studio in Quebec city.

Couteaux Deva Couteaux Deva

“When I have a passion, I push it to the max. I want my work to feel universal.” Dave was on an endless pursuit of experimentation with different artistic practices, dabbling in sculpture and metallurgy. He would use rare tools to craft his knives, allowing him to stand out in his field. “Cutting them only covers the principal stages of crafting a knife.” So much goes into the process and he’s inspired from many things all around. From travels to nature and his surroundings, Dave would be creating pieces with the most intricate details.

Couteaux Deva Couteaux Deva

Dave’s signature is his classical laminated steel with nickel. His knives are created with uncompromising quality and long-lasting materials, created for cooking, hunting and more. He is distinct with the sharpness of their blades and the beautiful detailing on it.

“The most important aspect inside this industry is to understand the object’s history. It’s magic. It’s mythology and geology. I love what I do, and every year has been the best year until today onwards.”

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*Please note that the products of this creator are only available in Canada.