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Fabrique 1840 - Chanv Fabrique 1840 - Chanv

Hemp and all its benefits.

Local and natural, hemp is a real super plant! The beauty and food products made from its seeds work small miracles for the skin and body. Discover an original way of doing good with Chanv!

Wrongly confused with cannabis, hemp does not give you any “buzz.” “We work with hemp seeds,” explains Dany Lefebvre, from La Feuille Verte, Chanv’s parent company. “The seeds are non-psychotropic and their farming has been legal in Quebec since 1998. There is no active molecule!” And why work with hemp instead of other plants? Because it’s a shoot with some amazing properties that are still poorly understood. “What’s fantastic about hemp seeds is that they have a perfect ratio of omega-3 and omega-6, identical to the omega molecules that human skin absorbs.”

Chanv The beauty and food products Chanv The beauty and food products

This perfect ratio allows hemp oil-based body products to be absorbed quickly into the skin and to give a uniform and matte complexion, without leaving behind an oily residue. “The oil closely resembles the skin’s sebum and is able to neutralize irritated tissues, like those caused by psoriasis or eczema, for example.” It’s a gentle way to treat small injuries and to get a radiant complexion with 100% natural products that are made locally and are even organic.

“Our plants are grown in Quebec, Lac-Saint-Jean, and in Charlevoix using organic methods. They are then cold pressed in Mauricie on the only press of its kind in the province. We take care of the processing with some partners, but it’s a source of pride for us to say that from A to Z, our value chain is 100% from Quebec.”

Chanv - Hemp seeds Chanv - Hemp seeds

Like Province Apothecary’s products, Chanv’s creams, serums, oils, hair care, and ointments were designed by an herbalist from the outset. They are GMO-free, phthalate-free, paraben-free, certified cruelty-free, and some products are even vegan. The packaging is also completely recyclable. From farming to packaging, Chanv cares about life and the environment.

In addition to the Chanv line of natural health care, La Feuille Verte also offers food products filled with benefits, under its Maison d'Herbes line. “The oil and seeds help regulate your metabolism from head to toe. In short, they ‘balance out your system.’” This is as true for topical applications as it is for ingestion. That’s why we can quench our thirst with Kombuchanv, a kombucha that comes in 4 flavours and uses the recipe of a fermentation specialist in Montreal. “We ferment green tea with organic sugarcane and then add hemp seeds or hemp oil. It gives the flavour a very nice herbal taste!”
Those who love ground flaxseed in a smoothie or yogurt might be interested in trying hemp hearts. High in protein and nutrients, it can help maintain intestinal flora and control cholesterol, all while having a subtle nutty taste! Similarly, you can enjoy drizzling pure hemp oil onto your salads.

No matter what way you take it, hemp is a medicinal plant that we have yet to finished exploring the benefits of!

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