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Catherine Lebel Ouellet ceramics Catherine Lebel Ouellet ceramics

Why have one passion when you can mix two together?

Meet Catherine, a photographer and ceramist. When she was only 5 years old, Catherine's father signed her up for a ceramics class, hoping that she would continue this passion as she grew older. And so, she did. Today, Catherine combines her love of photography with her love of ceramics, each discipline mutally benefiting the other.

Catherine Lebel Ouellet, owner of ceramic company Catherine Lebel Ouellet, owner of ceramic company

After studying art history and ceramics, Catherine was very well-rounded in the art field. She put her many skills to good use by creating utilitarian pieces for the home. To make her designs stand out, she took inspiration from her hometown of Quebec City and numerous photographs of landscapes, from vast open spaces to tiny crevices in the earth. The colours and images taken from here can be found on her ceramics.

“I love working with cold colours, because they remind me of dreamy landscapes in the boreal forest. I leave raw clay on each my pieces to illustrate the untouched and rudimentary side of nature that I have a particular affection for.”

Catherine Lebel Ouellet Catherine Lebel Ouellet

Her love of nature inspires her to create beautiful pieces that evoke a feeling of purity and serenity.

The clay that Catherine uses to make her products is sourced from different places, but it mainly comes from Quebec, where she has her studio. All her creations are handcrafted there, which ensures the quality of her work.

Catherine stands out in the industry, since no other ceramist can be inspired quite like her by what Mother Nature has to offer in order to make such remarkable, practical objects.