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Catherine-Lavoie Catherine-Lavoie

Take everyday life and turn it into art.

After quitting her full-time job in design, Catherine Lavoie took the leap she needed to pursue her passion of creating art prints. Before and during her design job, she would always be drawing, designing and putting her time and energy into creating new prints. “I consume so much paper. It's non-stop. I'll be drawing on napkins in restaurants, on anything in front of me. I'm constantly inspired to create.” Having an educational background in visual arts, Catherine doesn't have one source of inspiration, but many. Graphism, everyday life, vibrancy, vintage vibes and vacations are some of the things she connects with most. 

Her creations are minimalist and colourful, covered in geometric and organic patterns that all have different meanings.

Catherine Lavoie Catherine Lavoie

Working out of her studio in Quebec, Catherine specializes in art prints that she designs herself, as well as cards and soon-to-be-produced T-shirts. “You want to feel the hand of the artist. You want it to feel real.” Catherine uses different techniques and methods to create her art. Whether it be by hand or by computer, she delivers the same quality in every piece but with a different design and feel to each one.

Working solo, Catherine doesn't work on a deadline. “I can have 10 new ideas in one day. I don't want to force my work. I release a new print when I release a new print. Some days, my mind is quieter and some days, my creativity can explode and I won't stop. I even silkscreen on the side. It's small, but it's fun. I learned it in university, tried it with some friends and now I do it on the side.” Her creativity is endless.

Having the freedom to create so organically, Catherine's mission is to have her art go with anything. She's open to different projects, different ideas and different art that people can keep forever.