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Keeping tradition close is what makes tradition go far.

Meet Cindy, the founder of CANTIN Traditions. Cindy always felt that there weren’t many good quality, handcrafted handbags in Montreal. Because she was always searching for them, she decided she’d begin to make her own. Founding her company in 2009, Cindy now makes handcrafted leather goods ranging from handbags to laptop sleeves.

Inspired by culture, identity and tradition, Cindy creates beautifully handcrafted objects, focusing on the importance of the design and material.

Educated in the arts, she has a passion for the artisanal aspect of crafting things and creating objects. Cindy is involved with the indigenous community, which has allowed her to explore different elements of design and inspired her to use felt as a main material in her creations.

The importance of durability is what makes her pieces stand out. She uses vegetable-tanned leather as well as sustainable and recyclable fibres that are durable and water resistant. Every design is abstract yet structured, putting her many inspirations into play. Cindy wants to emphasize the traditional aspect of her designs by modernizing them, designing objects to be used in everyday life such as iPhone, iPad and laptop covers.

Every piece is handcrafted in Montreal by leather craftsmen, keeping quality control one of Cindy's main focuses. Keeping her values close to heart allows her to express them freely through her design.