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Canadiano - coffee accessories Canadiano - coffee accessories

Brewing sustainability into the everyday.

Canadiano elevates the mindful experience of engaging in a daily ritual, one cup of coffee at a time.

Mani Mani is an everyday visionary. When designing products, he always keeps this image in mind: “It’s Saturday morning. You’re sitting on a porch. You’re reading the newspapers in a rocking chair. You want to brew a cup of coffee.” Canadiano, a lifestyle brand that specializes in coffee accessories, was made to reflect what this experience would be like with products that are designed to create this atmosphere.

Canadiano - Mani Mani Canadiano - Mani Mani

The success of the company is easily measured by its reach. Launched 5 years ago, Canadiano has travelled the world with its ingenious products, which have been introduced in Amsterdam, London and New York, and are now sold in 53 countries. “I run a company that is focused on sustainable and design-oriented products,” explains the founder, who is also a trained architect. “Our goal is to change people’s everyday experiences of space and objects.” Canadiano also goes the extra mile to keep the production local. “We manufacture everything in Canada. All our materials are sourced and supplied as close to our factory as possible,” says Mani.

What led Canadiano to reimagine coffee making began as a fun challenge. The studio’s French press broke and to remedy the situation, Mani resorted to his woodworking expertise. With the help of his team, he began to create the first design of a new type of coffee maker, a wooden bowl with a very fine metal filter.

Canadiano’s line of product offers an alternative to the single-serve coffee pods, filters and other trendy methods that produce a lot of waste. 

“Our approach was to make the process better and more sustainable for people to have a cup of coffee without leaving a trace, without producing any waste and without any dependency on replacement parts,” explains the designer.

“Waste has always been something I was concerned about; how much we are producing, how much we can eliminate, what can we do to reduce our impact.” Having this vision, Canadiano keeps all operations as sustainable as possible. All the wood waste that's produced is reused, like the sawdust and the wood scraps that are used to make the company's French press handles and their scaled rulers.

Canadiano Canadiano

While this project brings together Mani’s passions, it also allows consumers to learn more about the coffee they drink. Working in coffee shops during his years as a student, Mani got to learn about the process and it piqued his curiosity. “With wine, or with cheese, we do have this connoisseurial attitude. We try to learn more about what’s great, how it's made, what are the production methods and more. With coffee, it's the same,” states the architect. Depending on where the beans are from, be it Southeast Asia, Central America or Northern Africa, the taste of coffee can vary and contain earthy, peppery or floral tones, he explains. “With this product, my idea was to come up with a different type of wood, one that would pair best with the type of coffee you’re making.”

Depending on the beans’ roast and origin, you can enjoy the rich and complex aroma of your favourite coffee thanks to the wood used to brew it. The final product is useful, eco-responsible, and of course, very enjoyable.

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*Please note that the products of this creator are only available in Canada.