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Camillette - line of handmade jewellery Camillette - line of handmade jewellery

Where Femininity and Modern Refinement Meet.

Creator Camille Ouellette’s penchant for simplicity and refined elegance draws a great deal of praise. “I would say that my brand is inspired by that which is delicate, fine, and very aesthetically minimalist,” Camille says. The artist creates her art using noble materials that bring out the design’s purity. “I mainly work with silver, brass, bronze, and recently I’ve begun integrating more gold,” she explains. “I also enjoy working with different materials and mixing them.”

At Camillette, subtle elegance doesn’t go unnoticed. “I have a relatively graphic style,” the designer explains. “Graphic design and architecture inspire me. There are small details, lines, and forms that I want to translate into jewellery.” She prefers working at her own pace, refining her ideas and creations until they are released in a collection once per year. “I prefer to make things slowly,” she tells us.

Camillette - Camille Ouellette Camillette - Camille Ouellette

“I like taking my time to have an outcome that is complete and satisfying.” This results in delicate pieces elaborated with the utmost of care.

Camillette - handmade jewellery Camillette - handmade jewellery

Camille’s passion for jewellery is not new. When she was younger, she took jewellery-making classes for fun. Without losing sight of this interest, she finished her studies in other areas of expertise: industrial design and environmentalism. In 2013, she founded her jewellery company, a venture she pursued part-time while advancing her career in sustainable development, until she decided to dedicate herself to her craft full time. “I’m a designer at my core,” Camille declares. “I like creating beautiful objects. I have found objects that I am quite comfortable working with,” she explains. “The fact that I’m making something that will be worn really speaks to my creative side. I was immediately at ease with the scale of the objects, because I like the details in very small things.”

Fabrique 1840 - Camillette Fabrique 1840 - Camillette

Camillette may have elegant tastes, but its creator puts in the effort to reduce its ecological footprint by using recycled and local materials. 

These minimalist pieces of jewellery pride themselves on a refined and modern sense of style that really catches your eye.