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Inclusivity is not only for clothing sizes.

Meet Camille Côté, a hat maker who doesn’t label herself as one.


Starting her business slowly in 2014, Camille never actually wore or even liked hats. She would think of them as objects, not functional for everyday wear. But while studying in fashion design, there was one millinery class that changed her mind. Wanting to democratize the concept a hat, she began to produce prototypes on the side while already designing clothing. For Camille, a hat would soon become an accessory that would be the perfect addition to the most avant-garde or simple outfit. Officially launching in 2016, her vision came to life.

Camille’s mission is to redefine the hat in a modern-day world, building unconventional fashion moments that are inclusive for anyone. With that always in mind, she designs her pieces to fit anyone. “I think it’s incredibly important for my designs to fit everyone’s hair type and to feel good on everyone. Like clothing, hats need to be inclusive, too. I design for the beautiful, black woman who can embrace her natural curls while still wearing my hats. I design for the beautiful woman who maybe has less hair and still wants to rock a hat. I don’t see a lot of companies doing that, and I want these women to find comfort in my designs.” Her hats fit anyone due to the genius concept of the elastic in the back, which was originally a beautiful mistake. Integrated with an elastic band and hole in the middle on the back, the feature stood out so much which led it to become her signature in all her hats. Having done so, the success of the now labeled “cropped-hat” is her bestseller.

Designed with love in Montreal, Camille’s ready-to-wear pieces embrace the beauty of fine craftsmanship made with carefully selected materials from Europe. Her inspiration stems from the beauty of women and their forms. Her designs are modern and bold. Her colours and unique texture choices set her apart from other hat makers. She is unique in all she does, and considering she never liked hats, she’s innovating the industry one at a time.

For the young professional that’s always on the go, to the student who wants to dress up their outfit for school, Camille Côté is reinventing the world of hats and turning them into a fashion of their own.